365 Days Outside > 78-82

Day 78
Being sick when the weather is so pretty is the worst. But we did manage to spend a little bit of time outside today, picking lilacs.
365 Days Outside

Day 79
We went for a long walk as a family today. It was a nice day, but we were all still feeling pretty sick. We found a tiny park up the road with a mini pond and little waterfall. The kids had fun splashing in the water.
365 Days Outside

Day 80
We broke ground on the garden plot today! The grass is VERY thick out there, so it is slow going. Eventually we’ll go all the way to the fence, but this year we are going to stick to a smaller garden size. (Gotta love that silly picture of me falling off the shovel!)

Day 81
We tried to go for a walk without the stroller today, but Flynn quickly decided that walking is kind of lame and he would rather sit in the grass. After playing around in the front yard for a while, we grabbed the stroller and went for a walk around the block.
365 Days Outside

Day 82
It was pretty chilly today, and starting to rain a little, so we didn’t spend a lot of time outside. But the cooler weather made us think of the birds. It’s been a while since we’ve brought out the bird seed. These pictures make me a little sad though, because these are the last photos I took before my camera lens died…
365 Days Outside

2 thoughts on “365 Days Outside > 78-82

  1. At least the last photos of the camera were outstanding ones!
    Again, sorry for your loss. (because it's my loss too you know!)
    Your kids are gorgeous!