Happy Easter

I sort of dropped the ball this weekend. I didn’t meet a deadline, I started but didn’t finish some Easter gifts, we missed church because I woke up feeling super sick, and my kitchen is a DISASTER. I was feeling pretty crummy on Sunday morning as we got ready to visit family. Luckily I have an amazing husband who knows how to make me laugh and feel better. And you know what? All the things I screwed up last week don’t even really matter. What does matter is that I have a family I love, and a Savior who loves me. He gave his life so that I could try again. No matter how many times I fail, I can always try again. Forgiveness is such a sweet blessing.

We had a great time visiting the farm on Sunday afternoon. Our day was filled with family, love, Peep sushi, bubbles, cows, yummy dinner and LOTS of eggs. It was definitely a happy Easter.

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