Dirty Diaper Surprise

For Easter this year I thought it would be really fun to make some surprise eggs for the kids. (I got the idea from sarahjanestudios.com. Hers are so cute!) So I bought lots of cute little toys, and Lindsay and I got together for some crafty time. We ended up with a bunch of dirty diapers. At least that’s what they looked like!! Not gonna lie, I was a little disappointed that they weren’t adorable. But hey, Juniper thoroughly enjoyed her egg. THAT was adorable. She would get so excited whenever a little gift would fall out.

But I’m lame, and I couldn’t shake the thought that I could do a better job. And then it hit me, if I put something squishy in the middle, it would be easier to get the shape right because you could press the toys into the middle. Does that make sense??? Not really. Anyway, because I’m so lame I decided to sew a cute little bunny and try again. This time I had a little helper. I don’t know what Juniper liked more, wrapping or unwrapping.

Well, I was at least right about one thing. The soft center made it a lot easier to form into an egg shape. Of course, it still looked quite a bit like a diaper.. A cute sticker covered diaper. Maybe a different colored crepe paper would help that. So was it worth the 20 minutes it took to put it all together just so Juniper could unwrap it all 10 minutes later? Yeah, I’d say it was. Even though she helped me wrap everything up, she still acted super surprised every time a toy fell out. She’s pretty cute. In fact, as soon as we were done she asked if we could wrap it back up and do it again. Sorry girl, that aint happening. Maybe I’ll make another next Easter.

One thought on “Dirty Diaper Surprise

  1. What fun! I've done that sort of thing for a birthday party.
    I don't remember it looking like a diaper. We passed it around like a hot potato
    and when the music stopped, someone got a prize.
    As you got your prize, you moved your seat back a hair and were out.
    Of course, you still watched in awe as the hot potato went around.
    I LOVE the pictures you posted. She is pretty cute!