365 Days Outside > 83-89

Day 83
We were invited to a neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt today. There were LOTS of people there! We ended up being about 10 minutes late (As is typical around here…) and pretty much all of the eggs were gone. The family who hosts it go to our church, and they are super nice. They filled up some extra eggs and threw them in the backyard just for Juniper. She was so happy.

(The pictures from this day are still on Shaun’s phone… I will update this post when he gets home from work!)

Day 84
We spent Easter Sunday at the farm in Hermann. It was a beautiful day and we had so much fun. Juniper was slightly terrified of the cows! Well, that’s an exaggeration. She liked them, unless they were walking towards her when the other kids were elsewhere. I guess she didn’t want to be alone with the cows haha!
365 Days Outside

Day 85
When I got home from work I found these pictures on my camera. MY CAMERA! The new charger came in the mail today, so I can use my little green Nikon again.

Day 86
We went for a quick walk today, down the street to look at the lake for a bit. When we got home we played in the front yard, throwing helicopters in the air and moving the rocks around.
365 Days Outside

Day 87
We bought a swing for the deck today! It is so nice to finally have a place to sit down out there. We were going to buy a table with chairs, but decided we don’t really need another table. We think the swing was the perfect alternative. (I love that picture of the three of us, too bad Shaun got cut off! And Juniper took that one of Shaun, can you tell?)
365 Days Outside

Day 88
Juniper spent her morning enjoying our new swing while she worked on practicing her letters. I love that she enjoys writing. Hopefully when she is in school she’ll still enjoy homework this much!
365 Days Outside

Day 89
Once the rain stopped for the day, it was the perfect weather for blowing bubbles on the deck. Since everything was wet, the bubbles were sticking everywhere! Juniper got a real kick out of the bubble covered plants and wood.
365 Days Outside