Compost Bin

We built a compost bin this past weekend! Well, Shaun did most of the building. I helped by keeping him company in the garage in the middle of the night. AND I helped him move it, which was crazy because that thing is heavy. Here are the instructions he followed. It ended up being quite a bit bigger than we were expecting, but I think that will be nice since it will fits lots and lots of old gross food and such. Our garden next year will thank us. (Juniper wanted to take a picture of the bread inside haha)

Speaking of the garden, things are starting to come up! It’s pretty exciting because we were almost certain that nothing was going to grow. (We blame past gardening failures.) But the radishes, onions, watermelon, zucchini and a couple other things have started to grow. Our scrawny, little, pathetic green bean plants even had some beans on them! They entertaining in their tinyness. Of course, since they are already beaning (so not a word) that means they won’t grow any bigger. So I might plant some more.

Also, the new clothes line is working out nicely! It’s not quite long enough for a whole load. But Shaun hung up a mini clothes line in the garage for undies and the like. It’s fun owning a house and getting to do all of these home-improvement type projects. We are so blessed.

6 thoughts on “Compost Bin

  1. Lol, when you said "the new clothes line" I thought you were talking about a line of clothes you were designing and I just about fell out of my chair from excitement, and then I finished the sentence. But dry clothes are good too!!

    • Now you've got me thinking that I need to design a line of clothes! Too bad I've never sewn anything for someone older than 3. I'm actually working on a dress for me, but I haven't touched it in months!

    • We've been planning on building one since we bought the house! I'm so glad we finally did. Our trash has been significantly reduced.

  2. A compost bin is a must! Looks like yours turned out quite well. I'm always too lazy to make it outside to my pile- it (and the garden) are pretty neglected these days.

    • Give us a couple of years and we'll see how motivated we are to get out there hahaha! It's all so new still, my husband actually gets excited about mowing the lawn!