May Wrap Up

I’ve been a big fan of May and it’s a little sad to see it gone. It was a super busy month, filled with family time, yummy cupcakes and lots of firsts. We participated in our first neighborhood yard sale, had our first out-of-town house guests, planted our first garden, and had our first ever BBQ. (Our second ever BBQ was definitely less dramatic!) I got a new camera lens, and then broke said new camera lens a week later… I’m still pretty bummed about that.

Even with all of the fun going on, I found a little bit of time to be crafty. I finished up some bucket hats (only have a handful left to finish!), finished a couple of drawings, and got a ton of work done on my craft room. I’d love to get that room finished up this weekend. I’ll share some better pictures of the space when I get around to it! I also sewed a ridiculously cute little outfit that I’ll share soon, and did a lot of work on my scrapbook. I’ll share that soon too.

For June I am making it my goal to slow down a little and enjoy each day. We are at a point of huge transition right now in our home, and we’re still trying to figure everything out. I’m excited about the change and the new opportunities, I’m just feeling a little spread thin at the moment. (It might help if I could get a decent night of sleep.) I am SUPER EXCITED to be going to Connecticut in a couple of weeks to visit my family though! Seriously, so excited.

365 Days Outside
It’s still a little crazy to think we’ve been doing this Go Outside challenge for 5 months now. We don’t even think about it anymore really. When I’m not working, we’re almost always outside enjoying this beautiful weather and our fabulous yard. Lately we’ve been enjoying really simple, relaxing outdoors activities. Like checking out the garden, planning future landscaping projects, and playing with buckets of water on the deck. Never underestimate the power of 2 inches of water in a plastic bucket. The kids had so much fun with that! I ended up getting a second bucket out so they could each have one. We got some bikes this week, and a friend is going to let us borrow her bike trailer, so we are going to start going for family bike rides in the evening. Its going to be awesome.