365 Days Outside > 128-133

Day 128
While Dad finished up work on our compost bin, the kids and I played with some water buckets on the deck. They were seriously entertained! I’ll have to remember this for the hot summer days ahead.

Day 129
We drove out to Hermann today for Shaun annual family reunion. We had a lot of fun (and a LOT of good food!) but Flynn didn’t take a nap all day so he was one cranky babe. He sure passed out on the long drive home though!

Day 130
Today our church held their annual Memorial Day picnic at Cosmo Park. Oh man, that park is amazing and enormous. I would have loved it there as a kid. And it’s really close to our house! I guess we finally found a nice close park. (No more trips to the mall haha) The picnic was a lot of fun, there were so many friends there. Afterwards we went over to Oma’s house for some more delicious food. I’m going to be so spoiled from all the yummy food I didn’t have to cook this weekend!

Day 131
We relaxed at home today and enjoyed our yard. We checked on the garden and Juniper found some pretty flowers growing by the fence. Her little flower garden is also doing pretty well. She gets so excited when a new flower blooms. She’s picked a couple and they are now in a cute green vase on my kitchen window sill.

Day 132
First ever BBQ! WE invited friends over for dinner and lit up our grill for the first time. It was.. interesting. But no one died so we’re calling it a win! After dinner it was fun watching the kids all run around like psychos and devour watermelon. The babies had a little diaper party haha!

Day 133
We found another fun little park nice and close to our house. Once we get our bikes going and find a trailer we’ll be able to ride there. Juniper made a cute little friend, and when she had to go she gave Juniper a handful of rocks and seed pods. Juniper of course held on to them like they were a treasure and took them home. They are now in the rock garden in our front yard. 128-