Water Bottle Eyes

Ok, so the “activity” that I’m about to share with you is ultra simple. Like, stupid simple. But so seriously entertaining that I thought I needed to share it! Ready? You might want to take notes.

  1. Get a smooth water bottle.
  2. Hold it up to your face.
  3. Take a picture.
  4. Laugh uncontrollably.


Easy, right? It’s a great way to entertain a large number of people at an outside gathering. We had a big family party today at my brother’s house, and we were all laughing SO HARD over these pictures. My face still hurts from laughing. (Or maybe my face just hurts because I ran into a car door and busted open my eye brow… yeah that was fun too.) I don’t think I can pick a favorite, these are all SO FUNNY. I can’t take any credit for this though. It was all this crazy lady’s idea! We love you Aunt Cindy, the world is definitely a funnier place with you in it. Even little baby Payton got in on the action! Didn’t quite work, haha! We’ll give her a few years to learn how to use her eyes and then we’ll try again.

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse at my crazy family :)

11 thoughts on “Water Bottle Eyes

    • I think everyone should try it, we could start a worldwide water bottle eyes revolution!

    • My aunt has been saying for years "We should all take pictures with a water bottle in front of our eyes." and no one ever knew what she was talking about! I'm glad we finally got a clue and tried it out :)

  1. Oh my gosh!! I have to give this a try at a party or something. :) It makes me laugh and I don't know these people…I bet its better with people you know. ;) Thanks for the laugh!

    • It's true! With people you know it is HILARIOUS. My older brother, who I just realized is the only boy we got a picture of, cracks me up even now.

      And thanks for the link up on your blog post :)