365 Days Outside > 151-157

It is so late right now, and I am SO tired. Usually I am up this late without any thought of it, but lately I have been falling asleep early. I think the road trip reset my sleep clock. Which is a good thing with the new job starting next week and all. The only reason I am awake now at all is I just finished watching John Carter with my sister. (She actually fell asleep during the movie! Looks like both of us have been cured of our insomnia.) Anyhow, I figured I should post last weeks Days Outside post before heading to bed. If I don’t do it now, it will be Friday again and I’ll be a whole week behind. Not that that would be SO terrible.


Day 151
We had a big family BBQ today at my brothers house to celebrate Tesha’s graduation. It was a great party, and the food was SO GOOD. I ate way too much, of course. This was the party with the silly water bottle pictures.


Day 152
Mr. Flynn helped Mima out in the garden today. He watched her replant some flowers and then dug around for a while himself. Give this boy a shovel and a pile of dirt and he is one happy little man!


Day 153
We went to the park today. The big twirly slide was definitely the highlight of the day! My sister took all of the kids down on her lap, and little Payton went down with her daddy. And I got to see a good friend of mine!!


Day 154
An evening at the Wargo house is always a good time! Julie was also in town visiting her family, so we went by for a visit. There were five kids there ages 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4. It was pretty neat! Julie’s mom made smores, Flynn wasn’t sure how he felt about that sticky marshmallow.


Day 155
My mom has a blueberry bush in her front yard. How awesome is that? The berries were just starting to be ripe while we were there. I want to plant a blueberry bush.


Day 156
Today was Bring a Buddy day at Lake Compounce for season pass holders. I got to be Heather’s buddy and spend the day at the park with a bunch of family. Juniper LOVED the rides and the pool. I did end up getting a pretty nasty sunburn, but it was such a fun day.


Day 157
Our last day in Connecticut! Before we packed up the van, we got all of the cousins together at my mom’s house one last time. This time we were sure to get a picture of everyone! Have you ever tried to get 8 tiny children to sit down for a picture? Not easy.