{Outdoor Classroom} Mud Painting

This week’s book was Monkey See Monkey Draw by Alex Beard. The story is about a bunch of monkeys who learn how to paint with mud and how to play together without arguing and competing. The illustrations are cute, Juniper really liked the elephant character.

Now, there was really only one thing that we could do with this book – paint with mud! First we mixed up a nice big bucket of mud, and then I showed the kids how to make hand prints and foot prints on the side of the house. Juniper started making circles, and Flynn started going quite crazy! I can’t even describe his enthusiasm. I mean, come on.. he’s a boy and gave him a giant bucket of mud. It’s like a dream come true. A very messy dream come true.

I wish I had remembered to take a video, it was so much fun to watch them go crazy. I DID take a ton of photos though, and I’m thinking we’re going to make this a yearly tradition. Official Mud Day!! That is a holiday I can get behind. (I think Flynn would agree.)

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