{14 Days of Love} Day 4 – Printable Dorky Valentines

A couple of years ago I purchased the most amazing DIY Conversation Hearts Kit that came with 35 candies and an edible marker. Shaun and I had WAY too much fun designing some super dorky valentines. I’m seriously bummed that we didn’t save them forever. But, as we all have learned at some point in our lives, candy doesn’t exactly age well. SO. I decided to make some new dorky valentines that WOULD last forever! (Well, close enough anyway.)

These all crack me up, I don’t think I can pick a favorite. Mr. Spock is ALWAYS top on my list though so we’ll say that one is my favorite with the rest of them tied in second. I only had time to design a handful of them, or there would be a TON more! Maybe next year I’ll design another set with Dr. Who and Firefly.

Click here to download a high resolution PDF for printing. I hope the nerd in your life loves them!

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