{14 Days of Love} Day 6 – DIY Photo Heart Banner

I love hearts. I love photos. I love mini banners. So why not combine them all together and make a mini photo heart banner to hang in our bedroom! As most of my projects, I’m probably more excited about this than I should be. I’m just easily entertained, whats new.

This was super easy to make, it almost doesn’t even need a tutorial. But I made up a mini one anyway, just for fun. I think this would make a great wedding or anniversary gift. (Or of course Valentine’s Day, duh.) It would also be super cute in a baby’s room filled with pictures of their first moments. Honestly, there aren’t a lot of occasions that this wouldn’t make a great gift for.

  1. You can either use Photoshop to create a bunch of heart shaped photos, or just print small rectangle photos and free hand cut the hearts. I had 16 hearts total, so they all fit nicely on two 4×6 prints.
  2. Cut out all of your hearts. I like this step, cutting tiny hearts is therapeutic.
  3. I used a tiny hole punch to make the holes in each heart, and then I strung them up with some embroidery floss. I stuck a piece of tape to the end of the floss so it would be easier to stick through all of the holes.
  4. Find a fun place to hang your cute new banner!

These tiny hearts make me happy. I have a perfect spot in our bedroom to hang them. Maybe every 5 or so years I’ll make a new one, and when we’re old and wrinkly we can have a whole wall filled with tiny heart pictures. I for one think that would be fantastic.

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