{14 Days of Love} Day 13 – COOKIES

Last minute much? Who, me? Never. Ok, most times. I, in fact, am the queen of procrastination. I bought these heart shaped cookie cutters with my birthday money, and I use them ALL the time. Especially that tiny one! Juniper gets super excited when her food is heart shaped, which is adorable. But I thought I should probably actually make some cookies. Since they are cookie cutters…

Oh. My. Goodness. Those tiny cookies are the cutest things ever! I should have just made ALL tiny cookies. The bigger ones are cute too though I suppose. This was my first ever attempt at frosting sugar cookies with royal icing. I’ve seen some REALLY cute cookies, mine are special looking, haha!

It’s crazy to think tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. When we opened our tiny present tonight, Shaun said he is going to miss our advent calendar, or “Valentine’s Day Death Clock” as he so lovingly called it last week. We decided we should just always have some sort of day we are counting down to so we always get chocolate after dinner. I’m game. And I don’t think the kids will complain.

One thought on “{14 Days of Love} Day 13 – COOKIES

  1. Ever so cute!
    I love them.
    I’m not crazy for royal icing though.
    It sure is pretty, I have to admit!