{Etsy Love} Cross Stitch

Ok guys, I seriously did not think this was possible. But I have somehow managed to find yet another new crafty obsession… Cross stitch. Which is just WEIRD, because that is one of those crafts that I had tried in the past and shrugged off as something not for me. That was nice, one less aisle at Michaels to meander down. (And less things to spend money on, duh.)

For some reason a few weeks ago I picked up one of those tiny cross stitch kits in the dollar section at Michaels. Oh, I remember, it was when I was buying stuff for Cindy’s Box of Sunshine! I thought it would be a cute addition, but I ran out of time and never stitched it up. Then when I finally decided to work on it, I thought ‘this pattern is kind of cheesy…’ (Some flowers or something.) So I went online to look for cross stitch patterns that were more my style.


There are so many awesome, dorky cross stitch patterns out there!! I love 8bit gaming stuff, so I don’t know why that came as such a surprise to me. Seriously though, I have been thinking about embroidery thread all week. Here are a few of the patterns from Etsy that caught my eye:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

AND THIS ONE. Oh my goodness, I need to make this. NEED. I’m thinking I might stitch this up for Shaun for Christmas. I’ll have to get started on it right away if I plan on finishing it in time! But now the question is, do I buy the $45 kit or try to buy all of the supplies for cheaper? Maybe I’ll wait for embroidery thread to go on sale at JoAnns.

One thought on “{Etsy Love} Cross Stitch

  1. Crack me up.
    I’ve enjoyed cross stitch before.
    I learned knitting in high school
    and figured that maybe my opinion of it
    (nonfavorabale) might change so I tried again.
    I really wished that I would like it.
    I’m glad that cross stitch has reformed for you.
    Knitting never did for me.