Further Proof

As if my deciding to take on this crazy cross stitch project weren’t enough evidence that I am completely insane… Last weel I decided to START OVER. About a month’s worth of progress too late, I realized two threads was just too thick for the size Aida cloth I was using. I wasn’t happy with how smooshed each square was looking, it just looked messy. So I started over!

I’m really glad that I did. I like this new cloth so much better. It’s a little bigger, the fabric is a bit better quality, and I like the off-white color. Also, it rolls up (the other fabric I bought was folded) which makes it tons easier to work and travel with. Plus, if you think about how long this is going to take me to finish, one month really isn’t that long. (That’s how I make myself feel better haha!)

I’ve taken a different approach this time around. I drew a grid on the fabric marking where each page of the pattern starts and finishes. I also marked every ten places on the top and left side of the grid. It’s making it much easier to keep count. I also decided to start off by outlining all of the clouds, and then doing the map in sections instead of sticking to the pages. For some reason I think it will be more fun that way.

I’ve already messed up quite a few areas.. It is so easy to be off by one or two squares. But with the grid, it’s easy to get back on track.

There are still a couple days to enter!

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