365 Days Outside > 300-306

Day 300
(300!! Woohoo!) We went for a hike today at Rock Bridge State Park. The kids did pretty well with the hike up to the Devils Ice Box, a small cave opening. (The bottom right photo. The other picture on top is the Rock Bridge.) I’m super disappointing in my camera because every picture turned out all blurry and gross looking. Oh well, we’ll just have to go back again soon. I bet next time we won’t get to see that cool deer though!

Day 301
I didn’t think we would make it outside today, but when Lindsay came over for Craft Therapy her car started acting up! We played outside for a bit while Shaun took a look at her car. Flynn did NOT want to get dressed until I pulled out that shirt. He sure looooooves that shirt. As you can tell by the next few days worth of pictures, haha!

Day 302
Chasing fireflies is definitely this summer’s #1 outdoor activity. It would be a lot more enjoyable if there weren’t so many danged mosquitoes in our yard… (I love that girl’s belly.)

Day 303
I brought home some fun toys today, bubble whistles. Flynn loves bubbles but he hasn’t quite figured out how to blow them with the regular wand. It always just ends up in his mouth.. So these are perfect! Now he can blow bubbles with his sister.

Day 304
Another one of those days where I didn’t think we’d make it outside. Shaun decided to go check on the garden, so our half naked and pajama clad children ran out to join him. I love growing cucumbers. Since we’ve started making sure they get enough water, they’ve been super yummy. It looks like we might get a couple of tomatoes too this year. (Yes, our garden is pathetic.)

Day 305
Today was fun! Juniper and I got to go to a local pool with some good friends. (Flynn stayed home because he wasn’t feeling so well.) This place was awesome, perfect for little kids. The water was only maybe 6 inches deep, and there were lots of slides and fountains. AND it’s a whopping two miles from our house! Of course, we discover all this the day before it closes for the season. Next year we’ll be going back for sure.

Day 306
Flynn still wasn’t feeling so well today so we kept him home from church. (He has a nasty cough.) We went for a walk to get out of the house for a bit. It was a nice walk, the weather was perfect and we saw lots of fun things. Including the BIGGEST SPIDER I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I wish I could have snapped a picture of him, but he ran into the grass. He was neat, OUTSIDE, as long as he stays away from my house!

One thought on “365 Days Outside > 300-306

  1. I like the rock bridge! Cool!
    You think the cool is comfy, or just cool? Hmmm.
    Who doesn’t love fireflies?
    And bubbles!
    Your garden is looking better than mine!
    They weren’t open through August? What?
    Is that a flipping HUGE flower or just closer to the camera?
    And I love that very last photo! Too cute!