The Comedian(s!)

Today is a grand event! This will be my first time including Flynn in the Comedian posts! He has been talking so much lately, in full sentences even, and he cracks me up. Mostly just because it’s so weird having actual conversations with him.


** Flynn **

“So Flynn, where should we eat dinner?”
“In that tree!!” (Pointing to the tree in our front yard)

For three days, he refused to let you call him Flynn. He’d yell “No! I Aang!!” and then run off screaming “wheee!” on his little imaginary air ball.

The other day when I left for work Flynn was unconsolable. He just kept crying “I want my own Tardis!” Don’t we all.. don’t we all. Haha!


** Juniper **

“Flynn is like ‘Oh! What a handsome Zelda!” (Her reaction when I showed her this picture. And she made her voice all low to imitate Flynn’s masculine tones, HAHA!)

“I’m going to paint the seesaw blue.”
“What seesaw???”
“The whale. I’m practicing that her name is seesaw. That’s what the mermaids call her. Her next name is Heartly, because she has hearts. Seesaw Heartly. That’s her name.”
(This is the picture she was painting.)

“Batman’s friend is kind of funny with his underwear. They’re yellow.”

(In the car after dark) “Why is everyone’s lights on? The moon has light. I think that’s enough. The moon uses the sun’s light power.”

“I can ALMOST believe that I’m a mother. And I’m a super hero! And I flied to the pizza place and buyed a pizza and eat the pizza. I can almost believe that!”

“I’m making a 20 feet tall cake. It’s SO tall so Flynn can’t reach the top and smoosh it.”

(Juniper has become quite obsessed with ‘smooky’ stories. And this one I think is the smookiest story ever! You’ve got to read this like you are telling it around a camp fire, with a flash light on your face.) “Once upon a time there was a monster. One day he left, and then another monster left, and then another monster left, and then the baby monster left. The Mommy monster wanted to stay home and clean and she went in the house and ALL the rooms were so messy!!! And the parents were all coming over in TEN MINUTES! So the Mommy monster went in the baby monster’s room and there was a pile of toys up to the ceiling! She cleaned the whole room up and Daddy monster came home and said ‘what a great job you did of cleaning!’ ”

“It’s like, morning time – night time – morning time – night time – morning time – night time – morning time – night time. Like every day!”