I’ll Never Love You

I did this mini painting a few weeks ago as a gift for my husband, and he LOVED it. It’s the best thing ever! And if you are wondering why a gift that says “I’ll never love you” would be so fantastic, let me explain. Have you ever heard of Video Game High School? It’s…


Morning Cake

Me this morning: “Oh look, I’m totally going to be on time for work! It’s time for me to leave now. I think I’ll decorate a cake with Juniper.” Yup. I was late for work because I decided to decorate a cake. (Totally worth it.) Oma’s birthday was yesterday, and we are going to visit…


Juniper’s First Year

I have always been a huge fan of journals. I could write a whole series of blog posts about how awesome they are. (Maybe I will. Would anyone be interested in that?) I LOVE going back and reading my old journals. I might even venture to say they’re my favorite books on our shelves. But…



I don’t get to draw very often these days. I enjoyed working on this piece for a friend of mine. I should work with pencil more often. I forget how much fun it is.


Painting Hearts

Juniper has a very detail oriented personality. Everything has to go EXACTLY how she pictures it in her head. If we are doing a project from a book, it needs to look just like the photo. You have to answer her questions exactly how she thinks you should. (That one is tricky. I’m not a…


{Etsy Love} Pride and Prejudice

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8   I’ve been invited to a movie night at a good friend’s house this Friday night. We’ll be watching Austenland. I figured I better actually READ Pride and Prejudice before then, so the movie makes sense. Well, I may have…


The Quest for the Macaron

I have been intrigued by french macarons for forever, mostly because they look like tiny colorful hamburgers! I finally gave them a try last week and, as you can see, the first batch didn’t exactly turn out… But I was totally expecting them to be a disaster so it was all good! One batch got…


Do you want to build a snowman?

YES. Yes I do. I’ve never been much of a fan of winter… but I DO love a good snowman! We got a ridiculous ton of snow yesterday. I even got to work from home. And all day I just kept thinking, ‘we are going to build the biggest snowman ever!’ Well, we finally got…



I got to do two more mini paintings last month. My favorite! I know, I said Instagram paintings were my favorite.. but both of them are! I just love the tiny sizes. They’re so cute. Speaking of cute. When I showed the girl on the right her finished painting, her 6 year old son said…


The Comedians

Flynn (Half asleep on Christmas Eve) “I hope Hoho gives me a bomb bag and a boomerang…” He kept jumping off of things and yelling “HOOKAH!” and it took me foooooorever to realize he was saying “Hookshot”. Obviously. “I want to go to sleep AND play with those.” (his blocks) “Well, you can’t do both”…